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A little question about Emacs-W3m handle image display.


I'm use Emacs ( and Emacs-W3m CVS (2008-06-02).

This have two question about Emacs-W3m handle image display.

First, this have a url "http://bc.tech.coop/blog/051029.html";, and make Emacs-W3m display image.
So in this page, we use command next-line (key "j") browser down, when see first image, it's right
till top of image is at same position as window top. If we continue that image is disappear
suddenly, and not browser smooth, if we previous-line (key "k), image will suddenly appear,
not smooth down. And this problem is obvious when image is large. 
I think Emacs-W3m handle image like a line that height same as image's height. We type next-line
or previous-line make image appear or disappear suddenly.

In fact, the second problem have same cause with first:
When emacs split window vertically, and Emacs-W3m's window height is less than image's, if now we
next-line or previous-line, you will found image is jump up or down in buffer.

So i want to ask have a method to make image display smooth?

Thank you very much! ^_^