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Re: w3m eats spaces

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10186] d+w3m@xxxxxx wrote:

> I think this patch will fix it.

> [w3m-dev 04238] [patch] simple preserve space
> http://www.sic.med.tohoku.ac.jp/~satodai/w3m-dev/200705.month/4238.html

Thanks.  I confirmed setting `SimplePreserveSpace' to `TRUE' in
fm.h is effective.

> But I do not know whether it is correct approarch.

The most right way might be that the author of the web page uses
NBSP between words where the space is meaningful.  However, he
will easily forget to do so since commonplace web browsers, such
as Firefox and IE, preserve such plain space characters.  Even if
the change might cause a side effect, it seems to be harmless.
So, I hope the patch is applied to w3m officially.  Anyway, I'm
going to try using the patched w3m for a while.

(Though I've never been troubled with such problem in Japanese
 pages.  It might be because of the difference of Japanese and

> See also this thread,

> [w3m-dev 03507] save space in JP chars
> http://www.sic.med.tohoku.ac.jp/~satodai/w3m-dev/200212.month/3507.html