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Re: Emacs-W3m bug about highlight .

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10202] Andy Stewart wrote:

>> Good.  But if pressed I'd say that this is better a bit:

>> "\\`http://www\\.google\\.cn\\|\\.com/"

Oops, I was half asleep.  To make it match both
"http://www.google.cn/"; and "http://www.google.com/";, it should


> Can add this patch in source code of Emacs-W3m?

No, I don't feel like doing so because the regexp that matches
the highlight pattern, i.e.

"<font color=\"#cc0033\">\\([^<]+\\)</font>"

, seems to need to be updated frequently.  If anything, it might
be worth considering making emacs-w3m support the color
specifications.  That is, displaying text with the color #cc0033.
Though, it might make the number of faces increase endlessly.

> So Emacs-W3m is haven't bug about Chinese keyword highlight whatever
> Emacs-W3m update later, otherelse next Emacs-W3m update will make
> this problem again if developers don't know this problem.

>> You use Fedora 9, don't you?  I use it,

> I'm use Debian testing (In fact, i only open Emacs and do everything), why?
> Because i'm a lazy cat. :)

Sorry, I confused you with another person.

> By the way, Emacs-W3m have a IRC channel, so i can report bug or
> other information fast.

Probably I will not be able to join the party because I am
behind the firewall normally. :<