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Re: pages with many images slow

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10639] Naohiro Aota wrote:
> Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:
>> IIUC, the main thing that slows displaying images is retrieving of
>> image data from remote sites.  Isn't it better not to use the
>> idle-timer for cached images (including cid image data embedded in
>> html articles)?

> To be exact, emacs-w3m waits for retrieving process creating or image
> size conversion (if cached and need to resize).

I see.

> Anyway, I changed the code to use the idle-timer system only when
> all the following conditions are met.

> 1. the image is remote one
> 2. emacs-w3m doesn't have cache of the image
> 3. emacs-w3m doesn't need to resize the image

> Now, I think the code is good enough to be tested in emacs-w3m CVS. If
> there is no objection, I'll commit the code in the CVS.

Please go ahead.  I believe it reached the level worth being used
by people.  Thank you very much for the remarkable improvement!

> ;; Is it better to make `w3m-process-stop' to call
> ;; `w3m-idle-images-show-unqueue'?

Agreed.  It's much better to do so, I think.

BTW, when pressing the T key, the order of images re-displaying
in a page (containing many images, like asahi.com) differs from
that of the unpatched w3m.el.  While the unpatched w3m.el seems
to start re-displaying of images from the top of a page, the
patched one seems to do it from the bottom of a page.  It might
give a user an impression that emacs-w3m does nothing for a while
(if she/he is looking at the top of a page).  Though it might be
hard to achieve, it will be better to start it from images that
are currently visible in a page.
(できない相談かもしれませんが、T を押したときに、現在見えている