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emacs-w3m associating filenames anywhere it pleases

We discover emacs-w3m associates a filename, here ~/MediaWiki:

 MR Name                    Size Mode             Filename/Process
 -- ----                    ---- ----             ----------------
[ Default ]
 *  *mail*                   252 Message          ~/News/drafts/drafts/1
  % *BBDB*                   118 BBDB
  % *Group*                 2202 Group
  % MediaWiki *w3m*         4343 w3m              ~/MediaWiki

(Seen with
C-x C-b runs the command ibuffer-and-update-other-window, which is an
interactive compiled Lisp function in `emacs-goodies-loaddefs.el'.

Similar filenames are seen with vanilla
C-x C-b runs the command list-buffers)

I feel uncomfortable with emacs-w3m associating filenames like that in
whereever the current directory happens to be. At least it could do it
in ~/.w3m if indeed it really needs to do so at all (does it plan to
write something?)

One time it even tried to do it with a name that wasn't compatible with
VFAT, where I happened to be cd'd to, and I got a warning...

$ apt-cache policy w3m-el-snapshot emacs-snapshot-el|grep Inst
  Installed: 1.4.344+0.20090405-1
  Installed: 1:20090618-1