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Re: old junk accruing in ~/.w3m

jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>>>>>> "NA" == Naohiro Aota <naota@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> NA> (add-hook 'w3m-arrived-shutdown-functions
> NA> 	  (lambda ()
> NA> 	    (shell-command "rm ~/.w3m/w3mel* ~/.w3m/w3msrc*")))
> But the second time around one gets
> rm: cannot remove `/home/jidanni/.w3m/w3mel*': No such file or directory
> In fact it will appear only to the very sharp eye as emacs shuts down
> for a split second. (or use emacs -nw inside script(1) to copy
> evidence).

;; Just adding "2>/dev/null" would be enough. :)

> So there needs to be a more complicated "find ~/.w3m -name ... -exec
> ..." but... doesn't it seem w3m-emacs should be "toilet trained" so it
> cleans up for itself, with maybe just one variable to control how often
> or old... without the user resorting to <shudder> shell-command?

Yes, emacs-w3m should be able to clean temp files when user want
it. I've added cleaning function `w3m-cleanup-temp-files' and customize
variable `w3m-do-cleanup-temp-files' to enable
it. Now `w3m-do-cleanup-temp-files' is default to `nil', but maybe it
should be default to `t' after some tests.


For Japanese developers:

削除できていない一時ファイルを削除する `w3m-cleanup-temp-files' と、それ
を有効にする `w3m-do-cleanup-temp-files' を追加しました。 今のところ
`w3m-do-cleanup-temp-files' はデフォルトで nil にしていますが、しばらく
テストした後にはデフォルトで t にしたほうがよいように思います。 というこ