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Re: trouble with installation

On June 16, 2010, [emacs-w3m:11229],
yamaoka (at jpl.org) wrote:

> I don't know what's going on in w3m-el 1.4.4-9.  I tried building
> emacs-w3m from w3m-el_1.4.4.orig.tar.gz and w3m-el_1.4.4-9.diff.gz
> and confirmed that the w3m-load.el file is surely generated, though.

Even though w3m-load.el is generated, loading w3m causes this error:

  Emacs-w3m of this version does not support Emacs 23; try the development version

> But AFAICT it's very old.

Exactly so.

Tatsuya Kinoshita