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Re: w3m via `package-list-packages'

Andrey Kotlarski <m00naticus@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The MELPA recipe used the emacsmirror/w3m github repository which hasn't
> been syncing for a while.  As MELPA now supports CVS too, the recipe has
> been changed to check the official development repository.  Hopefully
> things will be OK in a few hours.

FWIW - no, they aren't.  There is no upgrade.  I read you had some CVS
related problems, but couldn't follow because I don't understand

Mmh, wait, I see a version 19991231.1800, built from CVS, is available
at Melpa now.  Presumably it is considered older than the last git built
version by package.el, I'm not offered to update the w3m package.  Is
this really the current version?  Anyway, I'll wait and see what