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w3m-form allows editing when it shouldn't

Hi List, 

assume a webpage with several forms and an 'edit' button. The forms are,
in a standard web-browser like Chromium, disabled until 'edit' is
pressed, but accessing the same page in emacs-w3m allows me to edit the
forms although I did not press the edit button first. 

Its easy to forget about the edit button, fill out the whole form
(everything works as expected) - only to lose all the input data when
the form is submitted, since in the background the form was actually
still disabled. 

This happens when using the PicoLisp wiki
(http://picolisp.com/5000/!wiki?home), an application that is explicitly
designed to work with text-browsers too. 

So a recipe to reproduce this behaviour would simply be to
register/login in the PicoLisp wiki with a normal browser, goto
'Documents' or so, select a document and try to edit the text areas
without pressing the 'edit' button first - and then repeat the same
steps in emacs-w3m.