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w3m-form - textarea submission does not work

Hi List, 

related to my earlier post today here another problem I hit while
editing the PicoLisp wiki (http://picolisp.com/5000/!wiki?home) with
emacs-w3m (PicoLisp applications are explicitly designed to work with
text-browsers too).

A recipe to reproduce this problem would be to register/login in the
PicoLisp wiki with a normal browser, goto 'Documents' or so, select a
document and try to edit the text areas *with* pressing the 'edit'
button first - and then repeat the same steps in emacs-w3m.

In the first case, when pressing the 'done' button after the edits, all
edits are successfully submitted to the database and thus show up when
the edited document is refreshed in the browser.

In the 2nd case, only the changes in text-fields (with mini-buffer
input) are successfully submitted and saved, the text-area edits in the
dedicated 'w3m-form-input-textarea-mode' buffer are lost after doing 

| C-c C-c Set the value and exit from this textarea.

and then pressing the 'done' button to commit the changes to the DB -
although there is no error message or any other indication that
something went wrong.