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Re: w3m-form - textarea submission does not work

In [emacs-w3m : No.12147] Thorsten Jolitz wrote:
> related to my earlier post today here another problem I hit while
> editing the PicoLisp wiki (http://picolisp.com/5000/!wiki?home) with
> emacs-w3m (PicoLisp applications are explicitly designed to work with
> text-browsers too).

> A recipe to reproduce this problem would be to register/login in the
> PicoLisp wiki with a normal browser, goto 'Documents' or so, select a
> document and try to edit the text areas *with* pressing the 'edit'
> button first - and then repeat the same steps in emacs-w3m.

> In the first case, when pressing the 'done' button after the edits, all
> edits are successfully submitted to the database and thus show up when
> the edited document is refreshed in the browser.

> In the 2nd case, only the changes in text-fields (with mini-buffer
> input) are successfully submitted and saved, the text-area edits in the
> dedicated 'w3m-form-input-textarea-mode' buffer are lost after doing

> ,---------------------------------------------------
>| C-c C-c Set the value and exit from this textarea.
> `---------------------------------------------------

> and then pressing the 'done' button to commit the changes to the DB -
> although there is no error message or any other indication that
> something went wrong.

So far I got no idea for making C-c C-c work as well as the button
press.  While things to be sent are obviously different between
them, both have been working for many web sites.  Though emacs-w3m
will work even if the C-c C-c feature is lost, I don't want to do
it.  Maybe we need people having excellent knowledge about the http
communication (and ELisp, of course).