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Re: `g' and `G' do not provide current url as the initial minibuffer contents

In [emacs-w3m : No.12348]
	On Sun, 27 Jul 2014 18:45:20 +0200, Michael Heerdegen wrote:
> Hi Filipp,

>> Some time ago, emacs-w3m `g' and `G' commands were setting initial
>> minubuffer contents to the current url.  That was convenient, especially
>> when browsing local file hierarchies (I use it for JDK api docs), so I
>> had to change only the last URL component or two.  I've updated from cvs
>> recently, and now they give empty minibuffer.  Is it possible to restore
>> this behaviour, probably by introducing a variable that toggles this?

> Would it be ok if the url of the current page would be available as a
> default using M-n?  `minibuffer-default-add-function' could be used for
> that.  You would just have to hit M-n in the minibuffer.  I think that's
> better than using an initial minibuffer content.

And also `c g C-y' or `u g C-y' would be helpful[1] in that case.
We do a similar operation when we use a generic graphic web browser
like Firefox, don't we?  In the end of Jun 2013, we decided that
a url thing is only a list of arbitrary letters, not a human readable
one, though there would be exceptions of course.

Yes, it is sometimes inconvenient to me too.  Could you try the
following advice and see if it is really useful?  I'll try it for
some days, too.

(defadvice w3m-input-url (before provide-initial-contents activate)
  "Always provide initial minibuffer contents."
  (ad-set-arg 5 nil))

[1] Deem `c' and `u' with `y' and `Y' if you use the Info-like