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Re: `g' and `G' do not provide current url as the initial minibuffer contents

On 28/07/2014 08:41 +0900, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:

> And also `c g C-y' or `u g C-y' would be helpful[1] in that case.

Not very convenient, at least for me.

> We do a similar operation when we use a generic graphic web browser
> like Firefox, don't we?

Yes, but that's one of the reason I prefer emacs-w3m over graphical web
browsers, at least for work :)

> In the end of Jun 2013, we decided that a url thing is only a list of
> arbitrary letters, not a human readable one, though there would be
> exceptions of course.

In case of Java API docs (not JDK API only), the URL _is_
human-readable, and that's good.

> Yes, it is sometimes inconvenient to me too.  Could you try the
> following advice and see if it is really useful?  I'll try it for
> some days, too.
> (defadvice w3m-input-url (before provide-initial-contents activate)
>   "Always provide initial minibuffer contents."
>   (ad-set-arg 5 nil))

Yes, it works, thank you.  It would be great if something like that was
available to other users.