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Re: goto url from kill ring

Thien-Thi Nguyen <ttn@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Here's a command i bind to ‘x’ ...
> I use it by selecting text in another Emacs (the one
> running Gnus, for example), then ‘M-w’ there, then
> switching to the Emacs running Emacs-W3M, then typing
> ‘x’. OTOH, if the originating application is urxvt, i
> type ‘C-u x’.
> Is there a better or more idiomatic way to achieve
> this?

Elisp, Emacs-W3M, Gnus, xsel, and urxvt ... We seem to
be almost techno-twins. I say almost: I use xterm (but
I used urxvt some time ago).

I don't think there is a better way because the general
use case is wrecked when you say you use one Emacs for
Gnus, and one for Emacs-W3M. So I think you nailed it
for that specific purpose.

But I wonder why you would want two Emacs? If I come
across a URL in Gnus, that I'd like to view, I just hit
RET (on the Gnus button), and w3m opens the page!

Is it because you use Gnus in a *terminal* Emacs, but
for the browser, you want images, so you use a GUI
Emacs for Emacs-W3M?

/The detective

underground experts united