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goto url from kill ring

Here's a command i bind to ‘x’:

(defun ttn-w3m-goto-current-kill-url (&optional xsel)
  "Go the URL in the top of the kill ring, allowing editing first.
Prefix arg means to use the result of `x-selection', instead."
  (interactive "P")
  (w3m-goto-url (w3m-input-url "URL: "
                               (if xsel
                                 (current-kill 0)))))

I use it by selecting text in another Emacs (the one running Gnus,
for example), then ‘M-w’ there, then switching to the Emacs running
Emacs-W3M, then typing ‘x’.  OTOH, if the originating application
is urxvt, i type ‘C-u x’.

Is there a better or more idiomatic way to achieve this?

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