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Re: w3m buffers not displaying in iBuffer list

Here's the result of some more testing:

First, three additional usage points that may be relevant (or not):

1) I pretty much always run emacs as a server/daemon, and I often pipe
   urls to emacs-w3m from an outside program, eg newsbeuter. For
   newsbeuter, my method is to bind a script to its 'open' command,
   and have the script run:

  emacsclient --eval "(browse-url \"$1\")"

2) I pretty much always have an instance of the real actual w3m
   browser open, outside and independent of emacs, with multiple tabs

3) All these processes (emacs, newsbeuter, w3m, etal.) are in separate
   tmux 'windows' of a single tmux 'session'. None are running as gui

Now, to the further testing:

+ I started with four emacs-w3m tabs open, all having been opened from
  the external program newsbeuter. At this point, everything is as
  described in my original post.

+ I run M-x w3m to open an emacs-w3m 'HOME' tab (maybe you refer to it
  as the 'about' tab), press 'U', and entered "google.com".

  + At this point, the ibuffer goes from showing no w3m buffers to
    showing two of the expected five. The buffer created by my
    explicit command within emacs displays as `*w3m*', even though it
    was created last, and one and only one of the buffers created from
    the external command `emacsclient --eval "(browse-url \"$1\")"'
    displays as `w3m*<2>'. Here's a paste of the relevant part of the

    [ HTML / eww / w3m / gnus ]
      % *w3m*                  10989 w3m              ~/.w3m/google.com - Google Search
      % *w3m*<2>                3514 w3m              ~/.w3m/Hyperloop One to take on underwater transport

+ When selecting buffer `*w3m*', the mode line correctly identifies the
  buffer as such, but when selecting what iBuffer calls now
  `*w3m*<2>', the mode line displays `server...' as I described in my
  original post.

+ Either of the two buffers displayed by iBuffer displays ALL the w3m
  tabs when using `C-c C-s' from within the buffer. Both show the
  'google' tab as #4, and the 'hyperloop' tab as #5, even though the
  'hyperloop' tab was created earlier.

+ From iBuffer, I select either of the two w3m 'entries', use `C-c
  C-s' to select a different w3m tab, return to iBuffer, refresh the
  page, and the display remains the same, ie. the changes wrought by C-c
  C-s aren't reflected.

+ From iBuffer, I select `*w3m*<2>', receive the `hyperloop' tab, kill
  the tab using `C-c C-w', am presented with another of the original
  four tabs, return to iBuffer, and even without a refresh the iBuffer
  only shows the `*w3m*' buffer created from within emacs (the
  `google' tab).

+ At this point, selecting the `*w3m*' iBuffer entry returns me the
  `google' tab with a mode line reading `*w3m'. However, when I now
  `C-c C-s' and select one of the other tabs, the mode line changes to
  the string `server...'.

  + Switching back to iBuffer persists in showing only the `*w3m*'
    `google' entry.

  + From the iBuffer, selecting the `*w3m*' `google' entry retuns us
    to the `google', and deleting the tab using `C-c C-w' removes all
    record of w3m from the iBuffer ( use M-x w3m to access those
    buffers, with a mode line reading `server...'

+ Using debian's emacs 24.5.1

On 2016-08-08 09:01, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> In [emacs-w3m : No.12584]
> 	On Thu, 04 Aug 2016 01:02:29 -0400, Boruch Baum wrote:
> > I've started using the newest CVS version of emacs-w3m, and it's
> > behaving differently in how it represents its buffers.
> > The (older) release version displays each w3m buffer as a separate
> > entry on the iBuffer list, each labeled "*w3m*" along with a number
> > and a web page title. The CVS version doesn't display any entry
> > whatsoever in iBuffer.
> > Furthermore, while the mode line of the CVS version identifies the
> > buffer as "*server*-nnnnnn [ - ] / webpage-title", where you would
> > replace 'nnnnnn' with a number and 'webpage-title' with that
> > information, the emacs command 'switch-to-buffer' (C-x b) does not
> > recognize even that.
> > It is still possible to display the hidden w3m buffer by typing 'M-x
> > w3m'.
> No problem here with Emacs 25.1.50 and 24.5 (as shown below).
> Does anyone know the way to make behave like Boruch's?
>  MR Name       Size Mode             Filename/Process
>  -- ----       ---- ----             ----------------
> [ Default ]
>     *scratch*   191 Lisp Interaction
>   % *w3m*<3>   1312 w3m              ~/.w3m/Gnus Newsreader Homepage
>   % *w3m*<2>   7280 w3m              ~/.w3m/The GNU Operating System and the Free Software Movement
>   % *w3m*       318 w3m              ~/.w3m/About emacs-w3m
>  *% *Messages*  592 Messages
>     5 buffers  9693                  3 files, no processes

CA45 09B5 5351 7C11 A9D1  7286 0036 9E45 1595 8BC0