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language quibbles

| This and the following three mails are the ones having been exchanged
| with Boruch Baum and me=Katsumi Yamaoka personally.  I'm forwarding
| them to this list as I think they are worth being here.
`---- From: Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx>


I took another look this evening at w3m-save.el, mainly because I
wanted to figure an elegant way to customize it so that if I had
loaded the page originally without images, it would default to saving
the page that way. While I haven't yet come up with any proposal for
that, I did find myself focusing on some English vocabulary issues you
might want to address.

line 38: "Default directory used to save pages and those image files."
>> "Default directory for saved pages and their image files."
Alternatively, you could get away with not using a possessive pronoun

lines 50-51: "You can view the saved page in the \"Next Page\".
Note that saved pages will get shown as what you see in emacs-w3m."
>> I don't understand what this means

lines 98, 016, 110 "erase?"
>> Should be "overwrite?"


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