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Re: w3m buffers not displaying in iBuffer list

On 2016-08-09 15:04, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> I suspect some ELisp package you're using might cause it.  As for
> a buffer named "*server*-nnnnnn" or " *server*-nnnnnn", what can
> create it or rename to it should be only an ELisp program or
> an Emacs built-in function, I believe.  I found no such code in
> the Emacs source tree (I did grep \*server\*), so I suspect a
> third-party Elisp program might do it.  Do you not know anything
> about it?  Otherwise, could you do grep \*server\* in your local
> machine?
> I tried server-start + emacsclient, but nothing odd happened.


1] You're correct, but I haven't found the culprit yet.

2] Performing C-x k on the w3m buffer causes w3m to record
   the session as 'crashed', which in turn causes the next
   w3m session (M-x w3m) to ask if one wishes to restore it.

3] My grepping turned up nothing:

   $ grep -rcl "\*server\*" ~/.emacs.d
   $ grep -rcl "\*server\*" /usr/share/emacs*
   $ grep -rcl "\*server\*" /usr/lib/emacs*

   Without the asterisks, the above grepping found the word
   "server" in 310 files.

4] Searching my .emacs file tuned up nothing either.


1] This is my problem, and I'll report back if/when I
   figure it out. In the meantime, if anyone else reports
   anything similar, it would be useful for us to be in

2] Maybe emacs-w3m should locally remap C-x k to whatever
   is the lcoal binding for C-c C-w (I don't emacs open now
   to look), so that it gracefully closes its session with
   w3m and avoids w3m reporting a crashed session.

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