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Re: language quibbles

Hi Boruch,

On Wed, 17 Aug 2016 00:57:10 -0400, Boruch Baum wrote:
> line 38: "Default directory used to save pages and those image files."
>>> "Default directory for saved pages and their image files."

Thanks.  I've installed it.

> Alternatively, you could get away with not using a possessive pronoun
> (those/their).

I see.  But I didn't remove "their" because the `w3m-save-image'
command, that saves image data one by one, does not use this
variable as the default value.

> lines 50-51: "You can view the saved page in the \"Next Page\".

"Next Page" means a page that will appear by the manu-bar button
or the tool-bar button named "Forward to Next Page" (the command
`w3m-view-next-page').  So, should it be more definite something
like this?

You can click the "Forward to Next Page" button on the menu-bar
or the tool-bar to view the saved page.

> Note that saved pages will get shown as what you see in emacs-w3m."
>>> I don't understand what this means

Some web sites send html data so as to be suitable for an
HTTP/1.0 compliant old web browser, that is, emacs-w3m.  So, if
viewing the saved data by a modern browser, the appearance will
not necessarily be the same as the modern browser that connects
to the site directly.

Is there a way to explain it much compactly? :)

> lines 98, 016, 110 "erase?"
>>> Should be "overwrite?"

Installed.  Thanks again.


P.S. The emacs-w3m mailing list seems to be down now.  I'll ask
the maintainer for repairing it.