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Re: saving a buffer without images [PATCH attached]

On 2016-09-18 09:59, Boruch Baum wrote:
> I agree with Kevin on all points. Here's my patch for one, and my
> comment for the other.
> On 2016-09-10 12:54, Kevin Ryde wrote:
> > In the filename query "Save this page to:", could it say what it's about
> > to save, ie. html only or with images?
> Patch attached.

I don't like my own patch. A lisp-ier way would be to place the 'if'
statement withing the 'read-file-name' statement and eliminate the
variable 'save-prompt', ie.

  (list (read-file-name
    (if (not w3m-save-buffer-html-only)
       "Save this page (with images) to: "
      "Save this page (html only) to: ")

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