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Re: Manually entering queries to `w3m-goto-url'

> But why? Why in this particular prompt is it excluding the question
> mark, when in all other prompts that I can think of the default is to
> allow a quesiton mark?

w3m-goto-url calls w3m-input-url, which uses
minibuffer-local-completion-map to provde minibuffer completion.
minibuffer-local-completion-map has a binding for ? to

BTW C-h k (describe-key) will show what command a key chord or sequence
is bound to, in whatever buffer is current.

I agree that the binding for ? is not good because ? is a common URL
character. Adding "?" to w3m-url-completion-map also seems to be the
right fix because w3m-url-completion-map is already used to override " "
which is also defined in minibuffer-local-completion-map.