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Re: Form reuse doesn't update content [PATCH]

On 2018-04-04 11:21, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> In [emacs-w3m:12946]
> >> In [emacs-w3m:12943]
> >> On Fri, 30 Mar 2018 04:13:29 -0400, Boruch Baum wrote:
> >>> I was using emacs-w3m to edit a wiki, which initially worked flawlessly.
> >>> However, when I attempted to edit the page a second time, the data in
> >>> the w3m form edit window buffer did not update its content. What I mean
> >>> is that it had the original text of the page prior to the first edit.
> Sorry, could you let me know where/how I can reproduce this
> problem?  I tried it in wikipedia's sandbox, some translation
> sites, etc., but everything worked as expected.

1] Go to a page on emacswiki, say

2] Perform an edit, such as inserting a test message, or a single
   unobtrusive symbol that no-one would notice, and save the edit.

3] Navigate away from the page. Maybe visit the the page you just edited
   just to be sure that the edit tookhold.

4] Navigate back to the page.

5] The textarea content of the edit box does not include your (my)
   recent edit. Rather, it remains the same as when you (I) first visited
   the page.

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