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Translating web pages

I don't need to do this often, but I just found an excellent and easy
way to translate web page content from emacs-w3m, using
google translate, even though normally google translate requires
javascript, so is unavailable directly from emacs-w3m.

It turns out (we should not have been surprised) that google translate
has an api that has been integrated into an emacs package called ...
google-translate, available on MELPA.

Select a region and `M-x google-translate-at-point`. Works great for me
translating English into Hebrew - perfect translation, and it handled
bidi perfectly.

This might or might not be something to try to integrate into the
project; my sense is that it would be sufficient to add the information
to the documentation. For some people, this kind of feature is
important, and since emacs-w3m doesn't handle javascript (a good thing,
IMO) to use the google translate website directly, this would be
desirable to mention.

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