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favicon on local file://

Would favicons be taken from file:// too?  It works for me per below.
Of course you need the relevant icon file locally, either enough site
copy or whatever by page save etc.  One or two of the debian local docs
include icons, for example libfreetype6-dev (an "FT" icon)

    (w3m-find-file "/usr/share/doc/libfreetype6/documentation.html")
--- w3m-favicon.el.~1.49.~	2018-05-17 18:20:40.637149899 +1000
+++ w3m-favicon.el	2018-05-19 12:13:37.492055074 +1000
@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@
 	    (base64-decode-string (symbol-value icon)) 'ico))))
-       ((or (string-match "\\`https?://" url)
+       ((or (string-match "\\`\\(https?\\|file\\)://" url)
 	    (and (string-match "\\`about://\\(?:header\\|source\\)/https?://"
 		 (setq url (substring url 15))))