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Re: [REFACTOR] w3m-process-queue memory and redability [PATCH]

On 2018-06-07 18:41, Boruch Baum wrote:
> IIUC, these compiler warnings are complaining about scope issues that
> aren't a real problem and don't seem to me possible to be 'fixed' - it's
> the way the emacs-w3m code is designed with all the asynchronous
> processing and handler functions. My plan is to conduct some tests just
> to be certain, but I'm not sure I can get to it before the weekend, so
> if it *IS* clear to you, let me know so you can save me the trouble of
> the work. At this point, it seems to me that any problem related to
> these warnings have always existed, but the warnings were masked because
> the functions had been declared as lambdas in the caller.
> Your thoughts?

PS. I've been using the refactored code ever since I originally posted
it and have experienced no noticeable unusual behavior.

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