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Re: https://melpa.org/packages/w3m-20180221.2059.tar: Not found

Hi Albaro,

I can;t speak officially on behalf of the project, but I can explain a
point that may be the crux of confusion for many users of emacs-w3m: The
emacs-w3m project has not historically ever been involved with what
MELPA distributes.

What is happening is that an independent downstream party is using git
and github to un-officially mirror the project as a git repository. At
some point that mirror ends up as part of the github account 'emacs
orphanage', and at some point some independent downstream party made a
MELPA recipe for that repository.

The emacs-w3m project has historically distributed its code directly
from the project web site, using CVS. See there for the officially
supported install instructions.

Recently, there *has* been talk on this list about either migrating the
project to git, or running a git repository in parallel to CVS. That
would bring the project itself closer to being able to act directly as a
MELPA source, and to be able to ensure quality-control on what MELPA
users experience with emacs-w3m.

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