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Re: bookmark file not reloaded until w3m restart

Boruch Baum wrote:

>> OK, regardless of whatever, another issue
>> since I've updated my OS and Emacs, that
>> I've noticed, which isn't nearly as annoying
>> as the "double (re)load" of any opened web
>> page, but still, is that when I edit the
>> bookmark file, then go back to Emacs-w3m,
>> simply hitting `r' (for
>> `w3m-reload-this-page') won't do. The old
>> bookmark page appears over and over.
> Are you certain that your system is binding
> that function to lower-case 'r'? On my
> system, it's upper-case 'R', and a similar
> function `w3m-redisplay-this-page' is bound
> the lower-case 'r'.

I'm certain, from the help, and also from my
config [1]. On the bright side of things, the
"double (re)load" issue doesn't happen anymore,
not with my configs, and not with 'emacs -q'.
I have no idea why.

As for the bookmarks issue, since that is an
ordinary HTML file, I'll create a HTML file on
disk and edit that, and see if the same thing

[1] line 24 @ http://user.it.uu.se/~embe8573/emacs-init/w3m/w3m-keys.el

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