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Re: w3m-toggle-inline-images no longer works

Hi. Katsumi San.
>>>>> "Katsumi" == Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:


    >> https://retrohax.net/commodore-sx-64-keyboard-restoration/

    Katsumi> Oh, your emacs-w3m really works for the T command in that page, doesn't it?  

It does not. :(. It renders some of them. But not all. BTW, Firefox renders
100% of the images.

    Katsumi> Yes, it's
    Katsumi> a good test, but probably for a powerfull computer.  My cygwin Emacs dies, but it's the
    Katsumi> evidence of T command working, hahaha.

My machine is a lower end machine. arm @ 1ghz. two Gigabites Mem.

Best Regards