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Re: Unable to download mp3 files

I've gone thru M-x customize-group RET w3m RET several times, line by 
line. There is no variable 'w3m-content-type-alist'.

I've also tried M-x w3m-download. I get that same 406 error.

>On 2021-01-03 10:21, aalinovi@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> There is a website "www.bluesbeforesunrise.org" that I visit each Sunday
>> morning to download the mp3 files of the previous evening's show.
>> The error message then suggests that I verify the mime settings for the
>> file extension to make sure this mime type is acceptable.
>> Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that and would appreciate any
>> assistance.
>1) Try looking at the values for variable `w3m-content-type-alist'.
>2) When POINT is on the download link, try M-x w3m-download, I think.