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Re: Emacs 19 support (Re: configure permissions (1.2.6)) (non-member post)

Katsumi Yamaoka writes:
>Excuse me for being late.  I've committed the work of you and me
>to make emacs-w3m support Emacs 19, in the emacs-w3m CVS trunk.

Great!  When do you anticipate releasing a new version?

>I've modified w3m-e19.el to remove many emulating functions on
>the condition that APEL should be used.  (I have an ambition to
>give APEL the sack, though.)

Ah, I never considered using APEL myself since the README only mentions
it in relation to XEmacs and Mule.  Perhaps section 2c should suggest
installing APEL on Emacs 19 as well.  I think I'll give it try.

>If you find any bugs or bogus codes, please let me know.


Kevin Rodgers <kevinr@ihs.com>