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Re: Call for info writers


>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.04429]
>>>>>	Romain FRANCOISE <romain@orebokech.com> wrote:

> If I understand correctly, there are no other Info writers right now,
> so all other nodes are free?  I was thinking of writing "Grouping URLs",
> "Putting Bookmarks" and "Submitting Forms".  I can't write "Weather
> Information" because the feature doesn't work for me (heh).

> Is it okay for everyone?

Of course okay.  Please go ahead.  You have a good style, like a
professional technical writer! (aren't you?)
Thank you very much for the offering.

I will also start writing "Browsing Web Pages", "Inline Images"
and "Tracing History" little by little on the model of your

> PS Yamaoka-san, I saw your comments in the file, I'll send you a fix
> soon.  Where in the info file do we talk about ~/.emacs-w3m (so that I
> can add an xref{}?)

Oh, what I wrote in the comment is that w3m.el and/or
w3m-search.el should be changed in the future, in order to be
able to customize the w3m-search-* options in the .emacs-w3m
file.  So, please leave them out. :)
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>