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Re: Change in space syntax in CVS Emacs 21

   A better solution would be to make Emacs understand the old syntax,
   this way old packages could be used with the new Emacs without too much

You have made a good point; but I don't think you can have both the
old syntax and also run `delete-trailing-whitespace' frequently.  But
I may be wrong.  I have not paid much attention to this issue, except
to see that I could not load w3m.el this morning.

   I am wondering if this bug is really related to the space syntax
   changes anyway; apparently a lot of other syntax checks were added

Good point!  As a debugging aid, you might go back to the CVS version
of Emacs for 16 Feb 2003; I am pretty sure that w3m.el loaded fine at
that time, and that I had updated CVS to that day (round about 1200

   Furthermore, please note that emacs-w3m is much more than just
   w3m.el, it consists of about 20,000 lines of code in 31 files, that
   would be a rather large integration into Emacs.  .... 

I will resist making any of the old jokes about how big Emacs is
already ...  that no one would notice an extra 20,000 lines ...  and
merely note that Emacs sources are smaller than the OpenOffice sources
and other such programs .... :-)

Anyhow, my main point is that day before yesterday, I could load
w3m.el in an instance of GNU Emacs from the then current CVS and today
I cannot.  By the way, W3M continues to work fine in GNU Emacs 20.7

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