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Re: Change in space syntax in CVS Emacs 21

Robert J Chassell <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:

> Good point!  As a debugging aid, you might go back to the CVS version
> of Emacs for 16 Feb 2003; I am pretty sure that w3m.el loaded fine at
> that time, and that I had updated CVS to that day (round about 1200
> UTC).

Thanks for this useful piece of information!  I was able to confirm what
I suspected: the bug is not related to the space syntax changes since
these were added on 2003-02-13:

2003-02-13  Kim F. Storm  <storm@cua.dk>

	* lread.c (read_escape): Interpret \s as a SPACE character, except
	for \s-X in a character constant which still is the super modifier.
	(read1): Signal an `invalid read syntax' error if a character
	constant is immediately followed by a digit or symbol character.

It is really caused by:

2003-02-18  Kim F. Storm  <storm@cua.dk>

	* lread.c (read1): Fix and relax read syntax.
	Recognize "[", ";", "#", and "?" after a dotted-pair dot.
	Only recognize "," after dotted-pair dot if inside backquote.
	Never include "`" or "," (inside backquote) in a symbol.
	Allow dotted-pair dot after a character constant.
	Allow "`" and "," (inside backquote) after a character constant.

.. because bootstrapping a new Emacs using revision 1.306 of lread.c
(the version that contains the space syntax changes but not the read
syntax changes) makes the bug go away.

Maybe this discussion should be moved to emacs-devel, since it's not
directly related to emacs-w3m?

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