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Re: new release w3m-0.4 -> emacs-w3m doesn'twork properly!

From: "clemens fischer" <ino-qc@spotteswoode.de.eu.org> said
Subject: [emacs-w3m:04683] new release w3m-0.4 -> emacs-w3m doesn't work properly!
Message-ID: <vfz9sc3d.fsf@ID-23066.news.dfncis.de>
Date: 24 Feb 2003 20:38:46 +0100

> please check the following sites:
> http://dsbl.org/     -> returns 0

Thank you for your report, too. 
I fix it at CVS HEAD and branch of 'emacs-w3m-1_3'.

But, (Now, lunch time is over :-)

> https://www.thelinuxlink.net/twiki/bin/view/Main/ClemensFischer
>   this page can be opened.  make a new page somewhere on this wiki
>   and try to edit it:  the edit page won't come up, emacs-w3m hangs
>   forever.
> i know that dsbl.org could be opened before.  could somebody please
> look into it?  the requests are sent ok.  here's a trace:

this problem does not fix. Please wait more.

Hideyuki SHIRAI (mailto:shirai@rdmg.mgcs.mei.co.jp)

sorry Japanese

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