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Re: w3m doesn't display messages with text/html mime-type properly

Ted Zlatanov <tzz@lifelogs.com> writes:

> Can you take a look at the attached message?  It was generated by the
> nnrss Gnus backend.  It's invalid HTML, I think.

Valid or invalid is pretty irrelevant.  Invalid HTML shouldn't cause
emacs to get into a loop that only C-g can get out of.

Anyway, as I said before, the issue is not the validity of the HTML
but the fact that this message is "Content-Type: text/html".  If you
send a message to yourself from Mozilla Mail without a text/plain
alternative part (i.e. the header of the message has "Content-Type:
text/html"), then you will run into the same problem (but the email
will be completely valid -- including a DOCTYPE).

The stop-gap for nnrss is to create "Content-Type:
multipart/alternative" messages instead of the text/html-only

The long-term solution is to make w3m use widgets (like the rest of
the buffer) instead of having a special keymap just for the body of
the message.

I doubt either one of those solutions will be put in place before
release of Oort (because I don't have time to do either).  But I may


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