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Re: A small hack and a patch


Katsumi Yamaoka writes:

> I'm sorry for the late reply.

No problem ;)

 > > I made this small hack (and here is a patch) so that w3m-view-this-url
 > > does not switch buffers for me.  I use escreen and want to swith
 > > buffers myself.

 > Thank you for pointing the problem.  That feature is for the use
 > of Emacs in the terminal emulator.  Emacs-w3m used to not make
 > the new buffer visible when a user followed a link which points
 > to a local file, refers to a mailto url, etc.  Is escreen
 > helpful also for that situation?  In other words, can escreen
 > users notice the new buffer created by emacs-w3m enters the
 > Emacs session?  Although I tried escreen a little, I couldn't
 > know how do I do for that.

I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to ;( When I use
w3m-view-this-url in erc (the irc client) for example, w3m used to not
switch buffer for me, but started to do that when I upgraded to a
rather recent cvs version.  That pissed me off (made me angry) so I
made this quick hack to get rid of that.  W3m tells me in the echo
area when it has loaded the url into the *w3m* buffer, which usually
exists when I run the function, so I don't know how it behaves when it
doesn't ;(
 > > +(defcustom w3m-do-not-switch-buffers-when-doing-w3m-view-this-url nil
 > The naming is bad.  It is meaningless for ordinary users, isn't
 > it?

Yes, but I was angry when I made it.  On the other hand, I'm not good
at naming variables for users to twiddle with.

 > Well, can't it be replaced with window-system, (featurep 'escreen),
 > and so forth?  I think it is better to automate if possible.

I'm not sure that is a good way to tackle this, a variable like I made
is probably better -- just with another name.  I use escreen in the
console as well as X.



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