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XEmacs 21.4.14, w3m doesn't start up in x mode

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Dear Bug Team!

First of all, thanks for this wonderful tool!

Using the latest and greatest version of both XEmacs and emacs-w3m I
get the following error on M-x w3m.  It works in TTY mode, though.

Any pointers are welcome,

Signaling: (wrong-type-argument stringp nil)
  old-call-process-internal(nil "/tmp/nk/emacsUQNIyU" t nil "--careful" "--delay" "10" "--loopcount=forever" "--change-color" "255,255,255" "80,80,144")
  apply(old-call-process-internal nil "/tmp/nk/emacsUQNIyU" t nil ("--careful" "--delay" "10" "--loopcount=forever" "--change-color" "255,255,255" "80,80,144"))
  call-process-internal(nil "/tmp/nk/emacsUQNIyU" t nil "--careful" "--delay" "10" "--loopcount=forever" "--change-color" "255,255,255" "80,80,144")
  apply(call-process-internal nil "/tmp/nk/emacsUQNIyU" t nil ("--careful" "--delay" "10" "--loopcount=forever" "--change-color" "255,255,255" "80,80,144"))
  call-process(nil "/tmp/nk/emacsUQNIyU" t nil "--careful" "--delay" "10" "--loopcount=forever" "--change-color" "255,255,255" "80,80,144")
  apply(call-process nil "/tmp/nk/emacsUQNIyU" t nil ("--careful" "--delay" "10" "--loopcount=forever" "--change-color" "255,255,255" "80,80,144"))
  call-process-region(1 427 nil t t nil "--careful" "--delay" "10" "--loopcount=forever" "--change-color" "255,255,255" "80,80,144")
  w3m-goto-url("about://bookmark/" nil nil nil nil nil nil t)
  #<compiled-function (&optional url new-session interactive-p) "...(213)" [focusing-function window params url frame buffer popup w3m-alive-p fboundp select-frame-set-input-focus #<compiled-function ... "...(12)" ... 2> alist-to-plist device-on-window-system-p nil 0 t w3m-examine-command-line-args bufferp get-buffer-window window-frame selected-frame select-window make-frame switch-to-buffer generate-new-buffer "*w3m*" w3m-display-progress-message w3m-mode (...) w3m-goto-url nofetch popup-frame-p new-session interactive-p w3m-pop-up-frame-parameters pop-up-frame-plist w3m-pop-up-frames] 10 "Visit the World Wide Web page using the external command w3m, w3mmee\nor w3m-m17n.\n\nWhen you invoke this command interactively for the first time, it will\nvisit the home page which is specified by the option `w3m-home-page',\notherwise if the option `w3m-quick-start' is nil (default t) or the\nvalue of `w3m-home-page' is nil, it will prompt you for a URL where\nyou wish to go.  The option `w3m-pop-up-frames' controls whether this\ncommand should make a new frame for the session.\n\nWhen the session for w3m has already been opened, this command will\npopup the existing window or frame (it is controlled by the option\n`w3m-pop-up-frames'), otherwise if the option `w3m-quick-start' is nil\n(default t), it will prompt you for a URL where you wish to go in the\nexisting session.\n\nIn addition, if the prefix argument is given or you enter the empty\nstring for the prompt, it will visit the home page which is specified\nby the option `w3m-home-page'.\n\nURL should be a string which defaults to the value of `w3m-home-page'\nor \"about:\".\n\nYou can run this command in the batch mode something like:\n\n  emacs -f w3m http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/ &\n\nIn that case, or if this command is called non-interactively, the\nvalue of `w3m-pop-up-frames' will be ignored (treated as nil) and it\nwill not popup a frame.\n\nOptional NEW-SESSION is intended to be used by the command\n`w3m-goto-url-new-session' to create a new session." (let (...) (list ... nil ...))>("about://bookmark/" nil t)
  command-execute(w3m t)


System Info to help track down your bug:
 => "1.3.229"
 => "XEmacs 21.4 (patch 14) \"Reasonable Discussion\" [Lucid] (i386-unknown-freebsd4.9, Mule) of Tue Sep 30 2003 on redqueen.bytechase.cx"
(featurep (quote mule))
 => t
(featurep (quote file-coding))
 => t
 => berkeley-unix
 => "w3m/0.4.1"
 => w3m
 => ("lang=en" "color" "ansi-color" "mouse" "sysmouse" "menu" "cookie" "ssl" "ssl-verify" "external-uri-loader" "w3mmailer" "nntp" "gopher" "ipv6" "alarm" "mark")
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil