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Re: XEmacs 21.4.14, w3m doesn't start up in x mode


Thank you for reporting the bug.  That is caused by the absence
of the gifsicle program in your system.  I've fixed it in CVS so
that emacs-w3m works even if gifsicle is not available.

However, we recommend you install gifsicle because XEmacs won't
display optimized animated gifs correctly or may crash when some
kind of an interlaced gif image is displayed (that is mentioned
in the Info documents, and I've reported the problem to the
XEmacs list in the past).  The gifsicle program can be obtained



>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.05844]
>>>>>	Norbert Koch <viteno@xemacs.org> wrote:

> Dear Bug Team!

> First of all, thanks for this wonderful tool!

> Using the latest and greatest version of both XEmacs and emacs-w3m I
> get the following error on M-x w3m.  It works in TTY mode, though.

> Any pointers are welcome,
> norbert.

> Signaling: (wrong-type-argument stringp nil)


>   call-process-region(1 427 nil t t nil "--careful" "--delay" "10" "--loopcount=forever" "--change-color" "255,255,255" "80,80,144")
>   w3m-make-spinner-image()
>   w3m-goto-url("about://bookmark/" nil nil nil nil nil nil t)