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Re: View html source in gnus with emacs-w3m?

>>>>> In <microsoft-free.m3wu9hpb2r.fsf@ournature.org>
>>>>>	Jinhyok Heo <novembre@ournature.org> wrote:

> Even though I set (setq mm-inline-text-html-with-w3m-keymap t),
> pressing "\" doesn't show me html source of a mail.

> Is there a way I can see source of a html mail with w3m?

> I use emacs-w3m-1.3.6 and cvs gnus.

You can see html sources in the " *Original Article*" buffer.
The "\" key is not bound to any emacs-w3m command in the Gnus
article buffer.

Emacs-w3m caches raw html contents in its mechanism, however it
works only for retrieved contents from remote web servers.  The
reason for doing so is that it takes time to re-retrieve them.
The w3m-view-source command you made reference uses that cache
memory if it is available, otherwise it attempts to visit a
remote web page with a url.  So, it will not work even if you
invoke the `M-x w3m-view-source' command in the Gnus article

Although it may be possible to show sources using the Gnus
original article buffer, I think there is not the necessity,
IMHO.  That is because it is there. :)
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>