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Re: emacs-w3m not rendering webpages

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.06369]
>>>>>	asubedi <asubedi@DEPAUW.EDU> wrote:

> Thanks. It works with w3mmee with lang=many. I am using Gentoo
> Linux. May be you can have a FAQ and put it there. I can maintain
> the FAQ if you provide me with answers :) (or is this package too
> small to have a FAQ?)

Thank you.  I've CVS committed the following description to the
FAQ section of the Info document:

   * Q. Why does not emacs-w3m work with w3mmee?

     If you are using w3mmee configured with the option `lang=en' or
     `lang=ja', reconfigure w3mmee with the option `lang=many' (it can
     be done by entering 3, when the `configure' script prompts you,
     "Which language do you prefer?"), and rebuild w3mmee.

I appreciate adding such a thing (please touch it up if my
English looks funny :).  However, I think it is better to
contain w3m rather than w3mmee in the Linux distribution.
I don't make light of w3mmee, though.

> There is another problem. When I try to search something at google (or
> namazu.org, etc), it gives the following error:

> Cannot retrieve URL: 
> /search?btnG=Google+Search&q=emacs-w3m&ie=ISO-8859-1&hl=en (exit status: 0)

> I just have to put www.google.com in front of
> /search?btnG=Google... to view the results.

Hm, I couldn't reproduce the problem using emacs-w3m with both
w3m and w3mmee.  I will be cautious of it from now on.  Since
google.com often redirects a request to the Japanese google site,
although it may be only in Japan.

> Also, is it possible to render images?

Yes, it can be performed by the w3m-toggle-inline-images command
which is bound to the T key (or the I key), or set t to the
w3m-default-display-inline-images variable.
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>