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Re: emacs-w3m underlines everything and mixes up URLs (neww3m-0.5?)

>>>>> Katsumi Yamaoka writes:

 > > I now realize that while this is appropriate for emacs-w3m
 > > version 1.3.6 (I'm using the w3m-el package from Debian
 > > unstable), it looks like the CVS version is different. However,
 > > hopefully the cause of the problem is the same, and any temporary
 > > solution will be similar.

 > Thanks. I've modified w3m.el in the CVS head so that it deletes all
 > overlays before rendering a page. Although I think it is no more
 > than a workaround, I will ask Masatake YAMATO, who changed Emacs at
 > 2004-03-26.

Similar problems arise in Gnus and VM, so it would be good to fix the
underlying cause, rather than relying on workarounds.