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Re: emacs-w3m underlines everything and mixesup URLs (new w3m-0.5?)

* Katsumi Yamaoka:

>> Matt Hodges <matt <at> tc.bham.ac.uk> writes:
>>> I don't know if there is any reason not to just delete these
>>> overlays. To work around the problem, I'm using:
>>>  (defadvice w3m-prepare-text-content (around remove-overlays activate)
>>>    (with-current-buffer (ad-get-arg 2)
>>>      (dolist (overlay (overlays-in (point-min) (point-max)))
>>>        (delete-overlay overlay)))
>>>    ad-do-it)
> Thanks.  I've modified w3m.el in the CVS head so that it deletes
> all overlays before rendering a page.  Although I think it is no
> more than a workaround, I will ask Masatake YAMATO, who changed
> Emacs at 2004-03-26.

thank you and Matt Hodges very much!  i just did `cvs up' and tried it
without matts `defadvice', and everything seems back to normal.  i'm
really grateful for your fast reaction!