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Re: enabling evaporation of overlays

Setting t to evaporate by default is rejected but RMS write 
this should be done by each application. After thinking I agree
with this. I start to discuss abut how to deal evaporate of widget's
overlay in emacs-devel.

RMS wrote in emacs-devel:
	I'd just like to add that mh-e also has this problem when displaying
	mime buttons and parts.  It was fixed by setting the overlay 'evaporate
	property to t.

	In any case it seems like a change for the better.  Previously all the
	gui-button faces would shrink to zero-length overlays and remain there,
	invisible, when the buffer contents were deleted and new contents
	inserted.  I now see that a lot of overlays accumulated after may reuses
	of the same buffer.

    It sounds like THESE overlays should be set to evaporate.
    But I think MH-E should do that.  I cc'd the MH-E maintainer.

Masatake YAMATO