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Re: does w3m sometimes download garbage?

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07136] TSUCHIYA Masatoshi wrote:

> I made a mistake when reading Katsumi' s proposal.  I would like to
> withdraw my remark in the above.

> I think that `w3m-download' is a function to download specified
> contents without modification, even if they are encoded.  It is
> important when downloading contents compressed by either gzip or
> bzip2.

I agree.  I think the deflate compression is not an exception
for `downloading'.

> Therefore, if you want to download compressed contents with expansion,
> you have to use `w3m-retrieve' directly instead of using
> `w3m-download'.  Here is an example which works synchronously:

>   (with-temp-buffer
>     (w3m-retrieve url)
>     (write-region (point-min) (point-max) file))

`w3m-retrieve' became autoloaded now, if you load w3m-load.el in
your .emacs file.

> P.S. Could you check http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/ml/7129 ?