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Re: sb-rediff.el

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.07203] Vishwanathan S V N wrote:

> Thanks very much for your prompt action. I have made a
> few bug fixes to the original version and have also
> added a few features (for instance the date now shows
> up properly in the header). Can you please add this to
> the CVS. As before, if a lisp 'guru' has a look at the
> code and provides me suggestions I will be very happy
> :)

Thanks!  That looks to be an excellent improvement.  I've
installed it with the following ChangeLog entry:

2004-11-23  S V N Vishwanathan  <vishketan@yahoo.com>

	* shimbun/sb-rediff.el (shimbun-rediff-month-alist): New variable.
	(shimbun-article): Signal an error if the url looks malformed; use
	match-string-no-properties instead of match-string.
	(shimbun-clear-contents): Improve regexps matching tags to be
	(shimbun-make-contents): New function to make true Date headers.
	(shimbun-rss-build-message-id): Signal an error if the url string
	is not what is expected; improve the uniqueness of Message-IDs.