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Re: ftp oddities

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> wrote:
> Thanks for your investigation.  It seems to be the case where
> the value of the w3m-icon-directory variable is nil.  How is it?
> It should be set properly by default in many cases but sometimes
> might fail.  The value should be the directory in which icon
> files for emacs-w3m, e.g., antenna-up.xpm, spinner.gif, etc. have
> been installed.

Very good hint! Since I'm working in an text only environment, I never
bothered installing the icons - it might be questionable though why
the existence of icons should interfere with proper ftp
browsing. Anyway, after fixing this issue I can browse ftp servers
now. Please note, however, that still ange-ftp gets loaded once I
enter a ftp url the first time and I still get this "Cannot retrieve
URL:..." message together with this delicate beep in the echo area
every time I follow a ftp link.

Executing your debugging code doesn't trigger an error anymore, by the