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Re: shimbun/sb-zeit-de problem with contentcharset selection

Tsuyoshi CHO <tsuyoshi_cho@ybb.ne.jp> wrote:
> Hi Elias,
> I found a small question.
> == From : Elias Oltmanns <oltmanns@uni-bonn.de>
> == Date : [Thu, 24 Mar 2005 12:23:08 +0000]
> == Subj : [emacs-w3m:07988] shimbun/sb-zeit-de problem with content charset selection
> == MsgID: [emacs-w3m : No.07988]
>> Hi altogether,
> [...]
>> (setq w3m-current-content-charset 'iso-8859-1)
> Please try again instead of prevoius setting.
> (setq w3m-default-coding-system 'iso-8859-1)
That is the standard setting on my system.

But thanks to Katsumi Yamaoka's hint I've come to realise that I was
wrong. The site is apparently encoded in Windows-1252 although the
specification is missing. So my problem is the following:
When I load the page, emacs recognises the encoding properly,
i.e. after pressing = it says
Modifer Information

Document Content-Type:  
Document Charset:       windows-1252

However, non ASCII characters are represented as question marks and
according to the mode line of the buffer, which starts with -uut:%%,
the buffer is encoded in raw-text (if I understand it rightly).
So it's probably just that emacs 21.4 has poor windows-1252
support. Is there a way to solve this (perhaps even by using a mostly
similar encoding as a replacement)?