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Re: shimbun/sb-zeit-de problem with content charset selection

On Fri, 25 Mar 2005 12:26:56 +0000 Elias Oltmanns wrote:

> However, non ASCII characters are represented as question marks and
> according to the mode line of the buffer, which starts with -uut:%%,
> the buffer is encoded in raw-text (if I understand it rightly).
> So it's probably just that emacs 21.4 has poor windows-1252
> support. Is there a way to solve this (perhaps even by using a mostly
> similar encoding as a replacement)?

The are not much differences to latin-1 or latin-9:


It shouldn't be hard to write some simple conversion.  Anyway,
how should one decide when to apply which conversion?  I think
some web servers are just lying about the character set (claiming
to be latin-n and sending windows crap).

And i wouldn't wonder if the Western Europeans and Americans aren't
the only ppl with this problem.  There are a lot of windows
character sets: