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Re: cannot cut&paste links anymore!

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.08256] Clemens Fischer wrote:

> Dear Bug Team!

> please try the following:  go to any page having links and try to highlight
> (select) any link in the rendered buffer.  you will note that only the very
> last letter of any link goes in the kill-buffer, so eg. in the scratch buffer,
> pressing "C-y" will paste just this single letter.  must have something to do
> with text properties, i presume.

> would you be kind enough to look into this?

Did you mean, for example, that the letter `m' is added to the
kill-ring when the mouse goes past the second link (which is
shown as "w3m") in the :about page?  I couldn't reproduce it,
and I couldn't find the code that does such an operation.  I
suspect there's some kind of hook function.  How about the

emacs -q -l w3m -f w3m about: