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Re: cannot cut&paste links anymore!

* Katsumi Yamaoka:

> This Japanese discussion might not be directly connected to the problem that
> Clemens Fischer brought up.  Hiroshi Fujishima brought up another problem
> which seemed to be similar to the original matter.  That problem is that the
> activated region is deactivated when the cursor moves into the link.  The
> patch for the trial is attached below.  I think we need to further discuss
> it, though.

i observed the same problem when looking for a workaround:  i tried to select
the link text on the space character preceeding it, but the selection was
de-activated when the cursor entered the link!

the patch produces:

Compiling file /src/emacs-w3m/w3m.el at Thu Jul  7 22:59:43 2005
w3m.el:5775:1:Error: End of file during parsing

propably due to two `or' clauses beeing active.